Employee Wellness

Do you want your employees to be healthier, happier and more productive?
Do you want to reduce health insurance premiums?

If your answer to these questions is YES, continue reading.


Presentations and Workshops

Ron “Doc” Borkowicz is a nationally known and respected speaker and author on topics of healthy lifestyles and wellness.  He has been assisting businesses and school districts with their Employee Wellness programs for over 20 years.  From preventing heart attacks, strokes and various cancers to improving employee wellness in order to bring down health insurance premiums, the Doc does it all.  For more information on his presentations, please go to the Speaker page.


Whether it’s a large corporation or a small school district, Dr. Borkowicz provides free and low-cost recommendations which will encourage employee participation in their Employee Wellness program.  If you would like a free introductory consultation, contact Dr. Borkowicz at RBorkowicz@EnjoyTeachingHealth.com.

Wellness Newsletters

In addition to Wellness presentations, Dr. Borkowicz also provides Wellness Newsletters.  The Newsletters are divided into two categories and apply to adults of all ages.  Each of the Newsletters on Health and Wellness Issues include both a crossword and a wordsearch puzzle which can be printed along with the newsletter.  (Requests for follow-up Wellness Newsletters were tripled once the puzzles were included)  If you would like a free sample Newsletter, you can obtain one by going the Wellness Newsletters page.