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“I make presentations that both, educate and motivate employees to lead healthier lifestyles-----thereby making them more productive as well as lowering health insurance premiums.”

Ron Borkowicz, Ph.D.


Do you want your employees to be healthier and more productive? 

Would you like to reduce health insurance premiums? 

If your answer to these questions is YES, continue reading.

Ron “Doc” Borkowicz is a nationally known and respected speaker and author on topics of healthy lifestyles and wellness.  He has received numerous Awards including the National Health Education Professional of the Year Award.  In addition to being a professional Health Educator, he has a Ph.D. Degree in Allied Health and is nationally certified as a Health Promotions Director, a Health-Fitness Specialist, a Personal Trainer, and the list goes on.  From preventing heart attacks, strokes and various cancers to improving employee wellness in order to help bring down health insurance premiums, the Doc does it all.

Did you ever sit through a mind-numbing, boring presentation?  Even if the speaker is a leading authority on the topic, no one is going to remember the details.  Dr. Borkowicz’s passion for promoting healthy lifestyles, and his humor, educates and motivates the attendees to practice a healthier lifestyle.  "He takes the medical information and presents it in a way that is easy to understand and he does it in an entertaining way.” (former presentation attendee) 

The Doc’s focus is on postponing and even preventing various health problems rather than in treating them after-the-fact.  The assessments that are completed by the audience after Dr. Borkowicz’s presentations are always over-the-top.  Members of the audience frequently ask when they will be able to attend some of his other presentations.

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Presentation Topics (for Keynotes, Breakout Sessions or Workshops)

  1. Exercise, Diet and Your Health
  2. Developing a Healthy Lifestyle
  3. Free and Low-Cost Worksite Wellness Activities
  4. Having Fun With Worksite Wellness
  5. Promoting Employee Wellness
  6. Combining Healthy Lifestyle Information with Employee Wellness Strategies
  7. Become Your Own Personal Trainer for Aerobic Exercise
  8. Become Your Own Personal Trainer for Strength Training
  9. Preventing Heart Attacks and Strokes
10. Preventing Heart Attacks, Strokes and Some Cancers








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